Nara Roesler Books is the new phase of an ongoing editorial initiative that has been producing state-of-the-art publications since its inception, in 2011. Associação para o Patronato Contemporâneo, APC, was conceived with the purpose of fomenting critical thought around contemporary artistic practice in Brazil through the production of carefully crafted books. Having edited 21 publications over a period of nine years, APC has been consistently placing its books in public libraries, schools, universities and museums, as well as distributing them in bookshops throughout Brazil.

Having writer, poet and curator Luis Pérez-Oramas as its Senior Curatorial Director, Nara Roesler Books will present the audience with three thought-through and well-defined editorial lines, that aim to reach a public that is as varied as the practices of the artists which we publish. In keeping a universal approach to our publications, we intend to reach readers from all nationalities and backgrounds, expanding the interest of specialized and general public alike.